Breaking In New Runners

Congratulations You've just purchased new running shoes. So, should you break them in before running in them?

Answer: YES!!!

If you’re replacing your old pair with the exact same shoe, you do not require as much time breaking your new shoe in. We recommend wearing them casually for a couple of days so the innersole and upper moulds to your foot shape.

Sure, the shoe might feel a little stiffer than your broken-down pair, but your feet will already be used to the particular specs of that shoe style.

If you have switched shoe models, the breaking in time should be considerably longer. We recommend up to 10kms of casual wearing, not running, to give your body time to adjust to reduce the risk of injury.

“Your body can and does adapt to different shoes over time, but the key is to avoid sudden changes,” says biomechanist Martyn Shorten, Ph.D. “I wouldn’t recommend throwing out your old pair and immediately jumping into your new pair—make that transition over a period of a couple of weeks.”

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