Pure Performance All shapes and sizes

On a mission to help you find your perfect pair... Discover how FootMotion offers running shoes in a range of widths.

Pure Performance Narrow Width Running shoes

Experience comfort with narrow-width running shoes. Designed to provide a snug, secure fit. Say farewell to slipping and sliding during your runs. With these shoes, your feet stay firmly in place, reducing the risk of blisters, hot spots, and potential injuries.

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Puer Performance Standard Width Running Shoes

Standard-fit running shoes are designed to suit a wide range of foot shapes and sizes. Whether you roll your feet inward (overpronate), outward (supinate), or neither (neutral), standard-fit shoes have got you covered for a smooth and enjoyable run!

SHOP Pure Performance's STANDARD WIDTH Running shoes here.

Pure Performance WIDE WIDTH Running Shoes

Wide-fit shoes are designed with extra room in the toe box and midfoot area, perfect for accommodating wider feet. No more cramped toes or discomfort during your runs. Enjoy ample space for your feet to move freely, providing a secure and stable fit every step of the way.

SHOP Pure Performance's WIDE WIDTH running shoes here.

Pure Performance EXTRA WIDE WIDTH Performance Shoes

Discover maximum comfort with extra wide-fit running shoes. Crafted with ample space, they're designed for wider feet, offering more room than standard wide-fit shoes. Enjoy a liberating running experience free from cramped toes, tailored specifically for those with broader feet.

SHOP Pure Performance's EXTRA WIDE WIDTH running shoes here.

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