What is Video Gait analysis?

Video gait analysis is the study of your foot, ankle and lower limb motion during walking and running. Pure Performance offers Video Gait analysis, during which we film you running barefoot on a treadmill and study your movement. In Video gait analysis, a customer is filmed from behind and the recording is then played back frame-by-frame to identify specific movements not visible to the human eye in real time. Thus helping you find your perfect footwear.

How much does Video Gait Analysis cost?

At Pure Performance, this is a free service we provide to all of our customers to ensure peace of mind in your purchase.

How long does Video Gait Analysis take?

Typically this process can take up to 15 minutes, however more time may be needed to fully assess your wants and needs in matching you with your correct footwear choices.

How do I book an Analysis?

At Pure Performance no appointment is necessary! All of our staff are fully trained in this area and are able to cater to you wholly.

Do you cater for orthotics?

We carry a large range of footwear, many being suitable for use with orthotics. We also work closely with the medical community to keep a good understanding of what is required with today’s modern orthotics. Our trained staff will help you find the right pair for your orthotics.

What is the average cost of a pair of shoes?

Our professionally fitted shoes start at $149, however there is no real answer to this question as each customer has their own individual needs and requirements.

When should I replace my footwear?

Again there is no specific answer for this as it comes down to personal use, however most brands recommend a 1000km limit to their footwear.

Does compression gear have specific benefits?

Pure Performance carry multiple compression options all providing scientific benefits to the body before during and after training. These benefits range from reducing muscular damage, to promoting better circulation, and reducing muscular fatigue and boosting repair and recovery.

What if I have a running injury?

Our staff are very knowledgeable and experienced in this regard and can help provide contacts within the medical community to help get you back on track. In regards to footwear we take all injuries into consideration when choosing the right product for you.

How do I clean my shoes?

The best way to clean your shoe is by hand using a specific aerosol shoe cleaner and cloth. Avoid using the washing machine and hot waters and detergents as these can affect the fitting, wear and durability of the shoes.

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