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Founded and based in Melbourne, Australia; our philosophy is to create products which will advance human performance. 2XU employs fabric and construction technology to take you beyond what you previously thought possible. 2XU is fast becoming the most technical performance sports brand on the planet. Worn by multiple world champions, endorsed by sports institutions the world over and praised by professional athletes from all disciplines, 2XU understands what is needed to be the best. Developed by athletes for athletes.



Founded in 1949, and starting with a single shoe built in a living room. Since then ASICS has continually grown with an expansive range to offer performance products to athletes of all levels. At Pure Performance we stock one of Newcastle’s largest ASICS range covering all categories of running, racing and sport, including apparel and accessories for all activities.



A brand built for the passion of sports and a sporting lifestyle, ADIDAS amplifies this motto by providing a great range of running footwear.


Balega, performance socks made in South Africa. Designed for high performance use,blister prevention, friction reduction and ultimate comfort; and our company is committed towards helping our customers achieve it.


Founded in 1774 Germany, Johann Birkenstock created the self-moulding cork based sandals bringing style and comfort together. Featuring perfect arch contours to support and comfort the foot.


For protection against chafing and blisters, more people trust BodyGlide® natural balm over messy powders, lotions, greasy jelly, or oils.



Bonk Breaker® Nutrition Bars embodies a whole foods philosophy of baking simple, high quality, REAL food ingredients into great tasting bars that provide both a delicious snack and a competitive edge. Made with 10-12 REAL ingredients that you can recognize and read, all Bonk Breaker® bars areGluten Free & Dairy Free. Most importantly, they taste delicious!

Bonk Breaker® Nutrition Bars fuel top professional, Olympic, and elite level teams and athletes around the world.  Just as importantly though, we’re the fuel of choice for weekend warriors, families, and anyone looking for a tasty and nutritious snack.



Made in Brazil as the name suggests, blending a connection between Brazilian and Australian environments, this ladies active wear range helps meet the needs of active women seeking comfortable durable materials.


Brooks specialises in running shoes and sports clothing that provide the utmost comfort and support for all your sporting activities, at all levels.

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Having undergone stringent scientific testing, the BSC compression gear is some of the highest quality in the performance range.



Everything in COMPRESSPORT is about passion…sport, racing, lifestyle! Since 2008 COMPRESSPORT have developed high quality compression gear following strict testing using the Salzmann group and important athlete feedback.



ENDURA know that the fuel you feed your body can make or break performance. This is why they only manufacture approved and quality products to help you train harder, race faster and recover quicker. Covering gels and bars for endurance and racing and rehydration for intra workout right down to optimising your recovery.



Since 1991, GU has provided a revolutionary and effective method of keeping athletes fuelled. Incorporating scientific research GU covers rehydration, fuel and recovery to help increase performance.



Our Mission

To be an enduring company by creating superior products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sports that are an essential part of our customers’ lives.

Our Vision

We will be the global leader in every market we serve, and our products will be sought after for their compelling design, superior quality, and best value.

Our Values

The foundation of our culture is honesty, integrity, and respect for associates, customers, and business partners. Each associate is fully committed to serving customers and fellow associates through outstanding performance and accomplishing what we say we will do.



One of the world's most advanced running shoes, HOKA One One has pioneered a new philosophy in running by merging aspects of minimalism and maximalism. Often used as a long distance, high mileage shoe HOKA also have great benefits for recovery running. Covering Road and trail types.



Everything INOV8 does is designed to celebrate the grit and glory of the committed athlete. From fitness and running to gym and crossfit INOV8 products help you perform better.


Premium performance toe socks to give you the best protective layer between foot and shoe. Injinji toe socks are crucial for foot protection, comfort, recovery and overall a better performance in ANY shoe. 



Since 1966, KSWISS has represented innovation. From signature tennis shoes, to running and racing, including performance apparel KSWISS have innovated performance demands.



Contributing to society through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports." This Japanese brand has continually pushed the boundaries of technology in sporting goods. With running shoes as light as 80grams through to one of the most supportive shoes on the market MIZUNO cater for every foot type and activity whilst also providing top line performance apparel.

moving comfort


Moving Comfort Australia - Your Workout Partner

When it comes to sports bras and fitness apparel, what matters to you matters to us. As an all-woman company, everything we create is designed around you. When it feels good and looks great, you’ll be more confident and have more fun when you wear it.




Driven by a keen understanding of athlete needs, NATHAN's team of innovators sweat the details, because it's the details that help athletes push their potential. With a host of products, including true “no bounce” hydration belts, handhelds and race gear NATHAN covers any running accessories you need.

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A company that exists to inspire the world to run better. NEWTON have a more specific forefoot – midfoot design allowing for a more efficient running form.



“The running shoe re-invented” ON Running and CloudTec technology is the result of countless experimentations and creativity that ON have released to the running market. ON running shoes incorporate “cloud” technology following their Swiss design to all models from the racer through to the more cushioned high mileage shoes. Try them “ON”!




The technology behind OOfos footwear is the unique OOfoam™, which absorbs 37% more shock than any other material found in footwear. The patented foot-bed also offers great support, which is why OOfos are recommended by Health Professionals such as Podiatrists and Physiotherapists.


pearl izumi

 Renowned for comfort, quality, innovation and technology, Pearl Izumi was founded in 

the 1950's and is now the leading manufacturer of Cycling & Run footwear and apparel in the United States.

Whether it's Road, MTB or Triathlon, Pearl Izumi have all bases covered!



Petzl's roots lie in the desire of its founders to serve one passion: exploration. Since its beginnings in caving, the company’s mission has remained constant: to offer practical solutions that allow people to progress. Today that pioneering spirit, passion for exploration and ethic have not changed. More than forty years later, Petzl continues to invent products and provide solutions that allow sports enthusiasts and professionals to access some of the most inaccessible places, both day and night.


 Pro-Tec Athletics offers over 60 products, ranging from highly effective orthopedic supports to breakthrough innovations in hot/cold and massage therapy.  In addition to success in the volleyball and running markets, Pro-Tec Athletics benefits a wide range of sporting goods and sports medicine markets, including, but not limited to soccer, basketball, schools, athletic trainers, physical therapy, podiatry, orthopedic and chiropractic clinics





SAUCONY exists for runners. Runners inspire us, bring us new ideas, and force us to be better. They drive our design and engineering. They keep us competitive.

This focus and passion fuels us as we strive to create the best running shoes and apparel on the planet. We leave work each day knowing we've done everything to make runners' lives just a little bit better.

At SAUCONY, a good day is when we get to run. A great day is when we inspire someone else to run.

skirt sports

 whether you’re into running, walking, hiking, cycling, yoga, golf, tennis, and everything in between, Skirt Sports definitely have you covered with the best in fashionable fitness wear designed by women, for women.




 TASTE. REAL. PERFORMANCE. Skratch originally began in 2008 when Dr. Allen Lim got tired of his athletes complaining about their sports drinks. Skratch has everything you need to replace what you lose in sweat and Compared to almost any other sports drink on the market, Skratch has fewer calories, more electrolytes, and nothing but actual fruit for flavor.


 Sof Sole® began in 1991 and has grown to become a worldwide leader in athletic footwear accessories. The Sof Sole line includes insoles, socks and shoe care for anything ranging from everyday needs to high-impact performance activities. 

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 SPIbelt is sleek, expandable, secure and best of all, it does not bounce, ride or slip


Suunto WhiteOnBlack2

Suunto was born in Finland more than 75 years ago, when championship-level orienteer and keen outdoor enthusiast Tuomas Vohlonen invented the mass production method for the liquid filled compass.

Since then, Suunto has been at the forefront of innovation, hand crafting premium sports watches, instruments and dive computers that have been tested in the world’s harshest conditions. From the beginning of time, man has explored. All that has changed are the tools.

The word “Suunto” comes from the Finnish word meaning “direction”. Suunto is pronounced “Soon-toh”.


 Zamst products are designed from expertise in orthopedics and sports performance, which ensure the effectiveness of our products and create confidence in athletes.  We also take into account the unique requirements of multiple sports, such as comfort, lightweight, enhanced range of motion and anatomical fit.

Zamst supports elite athletes around the world today and continues to provide the best products possible for high performance and confidence.

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